Why get SBO Certified?

Your conversations are changing. Customers want you to generate business outcomes to meet their long-term needs. Not simply sell them technology or point products for an immediate solution to a current problem. The new Selling Business Outcomes (SBO) course helps you develop your sales skills to help customers reach their business goals with Cisco. Passing the Selling Business Outcomes exam is required to attain and renew Cisco specialisations.

This course will help you to:

  • Better understand your current business environments
  • Learn how technology solutions can meet your customers’ long-term needs
  • Change the conversation to address growth goals
  • Grow your business

Note: After August 1, 2015, if your Partner organisation holds any specialization, you will have until your anniversary (renewal) date to meet the Selling Business Outcomes requirement. The Cisco Sales Expert (CSE) training no longer counts toward your specialization application or renewal after August 1, 2015. The individual who holds the Account Manager role for a specialization will need to take the SBO exam by your specialization anniversary date, even if their Cisco Sales Expert designation has not expired.

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What type of exam is SBO?


It is the standard Person VUE exam which is conducted in a controlled and invigilated environment. Contact us now to book your exam...