Cisco Select SMB Bootcamps from Comstor

Cisco Select Certification recognizes and rewards partners that have achieved a Cisco Specialization. Cisco Select reflects a partner's technological and business expertise in a specific Cisco Technology. Book now on one of our SMB Bootcamps to become SMB Specialised which means you are Select Certified.

Eligibility Criteria

Partners must have an active trading account with Comstor and must send a candidate for both Sales and Technical tracks. Places are limited to one place per track.

Partner Benefits

With this entry-level certification, Select Certified Partners can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase exposure to new customers. Select Certified Partners also benefit from additional support from Cisco, including:

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Can the same person take both the Sales & Technical tracks?


The short answer is yes! However it is preferable to split the training between sales and technical roles just in case that person leaves your organisation. Also it's better that sales people take the sales track and technical people take the technical track to reflect their day to day roles.